ATV and Go-cart Accidents

Since their introduction in the 1970s, ATVs have transformed from relatively low-powered toys to large, fast, powerful machines. And despite monumental increases in safety measures, ATVs continue to cause numerous injuries and deaths every year.

Go-carts, ATVs, and dirt-bikes are inherently dangerous machines. Proper safety equipment, an operator proficiency course, and a healthy respect for their potential should be the starting point for any person using one of these vehicles. This is especially true for children and young adults.

ATV and Go-cart Accidents

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Recently, utility vehicles commonly known as Gators, Mules, or Rangers have emerged as the go-to vehicle for rural use. A common trend is for the retailer of these vehicles to add numerous aftermarket accessories to the unit and then sell the modified vehicle to the buyer. These accessories can include a steel roof and racks on top of the roof. Additional weight on the top of the vehicle, however, changes its handling characteristics and can make it prone to tipping over at lower speeds. A heavy top end on a relatively light vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Please call us for a consultation if you or your child has been injured or killed in a utility vehicle accident.

In response to an alarming number of deaths and serious injuries to riders of ATVs, the government banned all 3-wheeled ATVs in the late 1980s. That ban continues today. 3-wheeled ATVs were notorious for tipping over during turns, becoming unstable at higher speeds, and generally increasing the likelihood of injury or death to the rider. Despite this ban, and the requirement that 4-wheeled ATVs become safer, the incidents of injury and death related to ATV, dirt-bike, and go-cart use continue to rise for minors.

Almost 1 out of every 3 ATV-related deaths is a child under 16 years of age. And over 50,000 children under 16 are treated every year in an emergency room for ATV-related injuries. These numbers are staggering, and they continue to climb due to more powerful machines, increased use, and a lack of mandated safety training. We want to help in the implementation of safer designs by holding manufacturers and retailers responsible for placing profit over safety. If your child has been injured or killed in an ATV, go-cart, or dirt bike accident, please give us a call at 713-864-4000.

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