Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries May Lead to Life-Long Challenges

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world is a scary and exciting experience. While most births go smoothly, there are times when something may go wrong and a birth injury may occur. If these injuries are caused by the negligence or misconduct of a medical professional this may be considered medical malpractice. Birth injuries often result in permanent damage that leads to years and years of medical care resulting in major medical bills, a diminished quality of life for the baby, and potentially emotional and psychological trauma for the patient and his or her family.

Typical Causes of Birth Injuries

The majority of injuries are caused by complications related to a difficult delivery. A hard labor and birth may be due to the position of the baby, the size (too big or too small) of the baby, the shape of the mom’s pelvis and a prolonged labor that results in lack of oxygen. Some of these causes will call for an emergency C-section. If this isn’t performed in an expedient manner, this also leads to birth injuries.

Common Birth Injuries

Injuries caused by birth trauma can range from mild harm to severe damage. Common injuries may include

  • Bruising – Often a result of contact with the pelvic tissues and bones
  • Forceps Marks – Often temporary, but serious cases may need surgery
  • Fractured Bones – Collarbone is the most common
  • Hemorrhage of the Eyes – Red band around the irises that disappears within ten days
  • Facial Paralysis – Caused by excess pressure during labor and it may need to be surgically repaired
  • Injuries to the Brachial Plexus – Damage to the nerves that control hands and arms
  • Brain Injury – Due to prolonged oxygen deprivation

While some birth injuries are not caused by medical malpractice, there are times that a preventable mistake is made. Unfortunately many birth injuries result in permanent harm to the newborn. Seeking financial compensation for birth injuries can help offset some of the costs of medical care and on-going treatment.

McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf Specializes in Birth Injuries

If a birth injury is due to the negligence of a medical provider such as a nurse, doctor or anesthesiologist, there’s a good chance that he or she will not admit that a mistake was made. If you have questions about the damage that your baby incurred from the labor or birth, you may want to get in touch with an expert who can dig a little deeper into the situation.

When you work with McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, you gain the benefit of a highly experienced, well-regarded law firm that specializes in birth injuries and medical malpractice. If your baby was injured unnecessarily, we may be able to recover damages to help with current and future expenses.

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Birth Injuries

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