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What Does Jack Do With His Portion of Case Victories?


I’ve aged wisely. I wish I could have arrived where I am now more quickly. In the past few years, I’ve done a gut-check and realigned my mission in life.

Today, my goal in life is to die penniless and leave behind a legacy that grows (much to the chagrin of my kids—ha). So all profit I receive from the law firm now goes to Together in Hope, our public charity.


Together In Hope


Diane heads up the effort where she travels the world and feeds kids, both their bellies and their spiritual souls (all comers are welcome, not just Christians). Diane is on her way back from the Philippines as I write this, finishing up another mission. A few years ago she took me to Africa where we witnessed amazing scenes in Rwanda and Uganda. For me personally, it was a game changer.

At the end of the day, I have finally realized that I have plenty, so it’s time to do something important. And like me, every other attorney in the firm has a strong social conscience with additional duties associated with TIH.


So as tort reform has ravaged many practices (it hasn’t fully hit me, but it may) and defendants strive to demonize trial lawyers while at the same time refusing to settle the most meritorious cases, I am stepping aside from the financial bounty of law to focus on more important missions. I love trying important cases. And I will continue to carefully select only those that cry out for justice. But when it comes time to cash in on the prize, I’m finally answering a higher calling. It took me long enough, but I finally heard it!

And the sound was heard in the Philippines after Together in Hope built its first school.  www.togetherinhope.org

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